What to Have in a Diaper Bag

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A diaper bag is the most essential baby gear for any parent to have. The choice of a diaper bag also matters in terms of  the baby’s size and age and the kind of outings one has. For a diaper bag, Its always good to purchase something that’s modish in style and design that will tote all the baby’s essentials. Something that is capacious enough can be easily organized and don’t forget to look out on the features and make that will make you feel comfortable while carrying.


Things to Pack In Diaper Bag For Long Trips


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1. Diapers: Bring enough diapers for the day and extras in case you decide to change your mind and spend longer.
2. Diaper rash lotion: This  will help the baby from rashes.
3. Wipes: A packet of wipes that will use in wiping the baby’s bottom clean when changing him or her.
4. Plastic bags/wet bag: Have enough of these for disposing used diapers,soiled clothes ,bibs and blankets.
5. Diaper covers: Diaper covers will make you more assured of no leaks throughout the journey.
6. Changing pad: Most diaper bags comes with their own changing pads to help when you want to change the baby. There are disposable pads and reusable pads to choose from baby

Feedingbest feeding


If your baby has started on solids, bring enough food supply for the baby. Snacks are also appropriate to keep the baby going.
If you baby is not breastfeeding, make bottles of formula and drinks may be juice or something or you may just want to bring along the container of the formula and a thermos of warm water to do the mixing later when needed
Remember to have lightweight feeding set with utensils, sippy cups included.
Have enough and wide bibs that will cover most of the baby’s outfit while he or she is feeding.


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Blankets: This will offer baby a cool surface for baby to roll,crawl, also for shading the baby and for covering him or her if necessary.
A change of clothes: Two to three outfits in a day is a sure lead.
Socks: Babies feet are a MUST  keep warm no matter what the season is and booties are an add on to the warmth.

Safety and Health


Firs aid kit with pain killers included in case the child gets injured or has a mild fever.
NOTE: Seek medical attention if symptoms or pain persists
Sun hat to cover the baby from the sun.
Why Sunscreen? Baby’s skin are always tender and delicate so must be handled with a lot of care and instructions, Smear small  amounts on baby. And if its a spray sunscreen, be careful not to spray it in baby’s face.
Contact names  and numbers of your healthcare providers to call on in case of any emergency.
A sheet on your baby’s health info for reference.


Pack the child’s most loved  toys to keep him or her busy. This will also help soothe him or her to sleep.


Things To Pack In a Diaper Bag For Short Trips



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Diapers: Never leave the house without diapers. Have extras because you never know how many changes you are going to make throughout the short outing.
Wet bag/Plastic bag: Have a zippable bag that you put used diapers and another that you use to keep wet clothes and bibs.
Don’t forget to bring along the diaper rash cream to protect the baby from rashes during diapering.
Wipes: You will use these to wipe baby when changing him or her and can come in handy when wiping spills plus its a quick clean up for hands.
Light changing pad: That fits well in the bag without taking much space.


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If the baby is not breastfeeding, carry enough mixed formula and make sure they are well insulated to keep them warm.
Also if he or she has started on solids,bring enough food and snacks for the baby.


baby clothing

  1. Blanket: To cover the baby or spread for baby to relax on
  2. Have an extra change of cloth for baby and an extra sweatshirt.
  3. Sweater: You never know when the weather will change so a sweater is a must.
  4. Hat: Have a warm hat for cold and a sun hat.
  5. Bibs: To cover baby’s outfit while  feeding.

Health essentials

Use the side pockets to keep baby’s medications and emergency phone numbers in case baby gets unwell on your day out.
Remember to keep your baby warm and always entertained with toys.

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